Tanya Sushkova, the blog’s author, is a senior at the University of Richmond, double majoring in Environmental Studies and Geography, with a minor in French. Although I was born in the United States, my mother is Costa Rican and my father Russian. These factors, in addition to my ability to speak three languages, have contributed to my curiosity in various cultures.

This blog was created as a semester-long assignment for a Geography course titled “The Geopolitics of State Failure,” taught by Dr. Brennan Kraxberger. As each student has their own blog for a different country, this  platform will facilitate our interactions outside the classroom. Given my background and interests, I chose a particular failed or weak state with previous and/or current ties to France. Therefore, my entries will mainly focus on analyzing causes and consequences of state decay/recovery for Côte d’Ivoire, with particular attention dedicated to course-related material and current events.


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